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The Prince of Almond Manor

A novel that’s Emotionally Powerful, Suspenseful,

Sexy, Uniquely Erotic, and Romantic.

genuine romance—a companionship misunderstood—

one of earnest affection that could be torn apart by those around them


Can a relationship between two men from opposite sides of the social order overcome the odds and survive at a time of an old-style declaration of living?


In mid eighteen hundred, the largest almond plantation south of the Mason Dixon line was home to Deklan Royal, however, deep down, it didn’t feel like a home. He sensed a part of him was missing, an emotional desire he’d been keeping hidden since a very young age—that was, until he’d come across Oakland, a reserved servant of the Royal Manor and the one man who could change everything for him.

With no warning, a single magical event had set the plantation affair into motion, brought on by a mysterious gentleman who summoned a fairytale twist not even Oakland understood.

Enduring parental clashing and blurring promises, Deklan and Oakland find themselves developing a relationship that could result in scorn and even exile. Caught in the center of eminent pressures, Deklan faces discouraging predicaments with his foreboding father, those of which expose a surprising overview of who Oakland is.

With family principles putting up walls between them, the two heart-bound men cling to threads of hope, battling obstacles that matter most—their love for one another and a life of happiness into their very own ever after.

Find out if Deklan risks his wealthy family ties for the chance at love with the man he knows to be the other half of his own soul. If surrounding conflicts outweigh their love and desire, both Deklan and Oakland face revulsion at its strongest.


The Prince of Almond Manor is an interracial historical romance between two men. Erotically written with extreme situations of desire not suitable for readers under the age of eighteen.

*Previously published as The Plantation Affair. This book has been revised and expanded considerably from its original version to alter both characters and plot events to enhance the reader’s enjoyment.

Enjoy this contemporary romance with impressive twists that will leave emotional satisfaction. Bestselling author, Gregory Jonathan Scott will have you on the edge of your seat, repeating, OHMIGAWD what just happened in this heart-felt and ambitiously written erotic romance.

Scott Burkett, GGR-Review


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