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An Ember of Fate

An Ember of Fate

A Charming Gay Rescue gone Romance

He hadn’t seen it coming, but an Ember and a Spark nudged Skyler Lansing’s way of life into a fast-changing direction.

Living single and content instantly shifts for Skyler Lansing when he becomes choked with anxiety like he’d never predicted. Following a blazing rescue from his Chicagoland apartment, he’s whirled into a fix that will turn his life completely around.

In a flash, Skye’s relaxed way of living is transformed when he bonds with Tanner, the firefighter who saves him from flames and shapes a romantic relationship that will challenge how he’s expected to live his life. He becomes increasingly drawn to the fireman who invites him in, finds him irresistible, charming, and adds fire to those desires he can’t ignore. Confronted by the long-running illusion of public unrest, he’s submerged by emotions he doesn’t fully accept all at once but those of which will ultimately lend to his journey of self-discovery.

What happened to Skye was sudden and unexpected, perhaps miraculously momentous—an encounter that embraces all hopes for growing with someone special, for finding a love that could be timeless and everlasting....


Bestselling author, Gregory Jonathan Scott, will lock you in, heighten your anticipation, and bend the spectrum of emotion with an uplifting happy ending.

An Ember of Fate is a challenging courtship that develops under fiery pressure. The story is erotically written with extreme situations of desire not suitable for readers under the age of eighteen.

Enjoy this contemporary romance with impressive twists that will leave emotional satisfaction. Bestselling author, Gregory Jonathan Scott will have you on the edge of your seat, repeating, OHMIGAWD what just happened in this heart-felt and ambitiously written erotic romance.

Scott Burkett, GGR-Review

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