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Jimmy Locke Ecover

What Ever Happened to Jimmy Locke

Christmas Season has a few gifts in store

Boy Friends to Boyfriends Gay Romance

Turned out, I was the only boy in the neighborhood throughout the early years of my childhood. That was until a tall gangling kid named Jimmy Locke moved in at the end of my street and put me on a path of many new experiences.

The morning I’d fallen off my red bicycle in front of Jimmy’s house was when it all began, and I’d instantly become obsessed with making that boy my best friend forever. I found it difficult to leave his side. We hung together every day. It was me and Jimmy, never ending.

Over time, being best friends with Jimmy Locke had taught me a lot about myself. Running up against a few sticky situations, however, most were good ones. Our lives transformed as would for any kid, and when we outgrew our bicycles, so had our boyhood state of mind.

As I matured into my teenage years, Jimmy awakened emotions within me that blossomed into wanting more than just a friendship. Little by little, I realized I’d always had a strong attachment to my best friend, more than I understood one boy should have for another boy. At the beginning of my High School first year, everything changed. New discoveries shifted my thoughts about how I saw Jimmy, and during those awkward stages of finding myself, my best friend had become withdrawn. Those close knit boundaries of our friendship blurred as conflicts overshadowed the chance at the two of us remaining pinky-sworn best friends forever. The young man I understood to hold the other half of me had suddenly drifted away. I couldn’t find Jimmy. He’d left me standing alone, without purpose.


Our longtime, but intervallic friendship could reawaken, however, reliant on our ability to rekindle where we’d left off years earlier.


Bestselling author, Gregory Jonathan Scott, will have you restless for more of this lighthearted gay romance, leaving emotional satisfaction with an unexpected happy ending.

‘What Ever Happened to Jimmy Locke’ is a young boy’s transition into adulthood, disillusioned by how much he truly likes his male best friend. The story is joyful, erotically written, with extreme situations of desire not suitable for readers under the age of eighteen.

Enjoy this contemporary romance with impressive twists that will leave emotional satisfaction. Bestselling author, Gregory Jonathan Scott will have you on the edge of your seat, repeating, OHMIGAWD what just happened in this heart-felt and ambitiously written erotic romance.

Scott Burkett, GGR-Review

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