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About Gregory Jonathan Scott


Gregory Jonathan Scott was raised in the small town of Belmont, Michigan, had outgrown the city of Grand Rapids, before relocating to South Florida with his longtime companion, Scott.

Growing up with a creative imagination and the artistic ability to sculpt and color another world was what prompted his goals to be a writer, which ignited the desire to captivate readers with short columns in magazines pertaining to art and leisure. From there, it continued. Finding the joy of writing, along with an artistic hand, had given Gregory Jonathan Scott the inspiration to design and write M/M romance & erotic Novels.

Gregory Jonathan Scott is currently enjoying air conditioned living with Scott in a scorching village off the coast of South Florida.

The Works


Gregory Jonathan Scott


Take To The Sky Series

Into The Headwinds - 2nd book

Take to The Sky - 1st book

Stand Alones

An Ember of Fate

(Previous 1st edition version; Encouraged by sparks)

What ever happened to Jimmy Locke

Saltwater landing

(Previous 1st edition version; Crashing Into Love)


Intense Attraction

Encouraged by Sparks

Crashing into Love

The Prince of Almond Manor

(Previous 1st edition version; The plantation affair)

Heartbreak beat

(Currently undergoing 2nd edition revision)

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