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The Books 
        by Gregory Jonathan Scott

An Ember of Fate
An  Ember of Fate

ISBN-9798857773086 - Hardcover

ISBN-9798857790922 - Paperback

A Charming Gay Rescue gone Romance

He hadn’t seen it coming, but an Ember and a Spark nudged Skyler Lansing’s way of life into a fast-changing direction.

Living single and content instantly shifts for Skyler Lansing when he becomes choked with anxiety like he’d never predicted. Following a blazing rescue from his Chicagoland apartment, he’s whirled into a fix that will turn his life completely around.

In a flash, Skye’s relaxed way of living is transformed when he bonds with Tanner, the firefighter who saves him from flames and shapes a romantic relationship that will challenge how he’s expected to live his life. He becomes increasingly drawn to the fireman who invites him in, finds him irresistible, charming, and adds fire to those desires he can’t ignore. Confronted by the long-running illusion of public unrest, he’s submerged by emotions he doesn’t fully accept all at once but those of which will ultimately lend to his journey of self-discovery.

What happened to Skye was sudden and unexpected, perhaps miraculously momentous—an encounter that embraces all hopes for growing with someone special, for finding a love that could be timeless and everlasting....


Bestselling author, Gregory Jonathan Scott, will lock you in, heighten your anticipation, and bend the spectrum of emotion with an uplifting happy ending.

An Ember of Fate is a challenging courtship that develops under fiery pressure. The story is erotically written with extreme situations of desire not suitable for readers under the age of eighteen.

Jimmy Locke Ecover
What Ever Happened to Jimmy Locke

ISBN-9798355781392 - Hardcover

ISBN-9798360261957 - Paperback

Friends to Boyfriends. A Christmas Season Gay Romance

Turned out, I was the only boy in the neighborhood throughout the early years of my childhood. That was until a tall gangling kid named Jimmy Locke moved in at the end of my street and put me on a path of many new experiences.

The morning I’d fallen off my red bicycle in front of Jimmy’s house was when it all began, and I’d instantly become obsessed with making that boy my best friend forever. I found it difficult to leave his side. We hung together every day. It was me and Jimmy, never ending.

Over time, being best friends with Jimmy Locke had taught me a lot about myself. Running up against a few sticky situations, however, most were good ones. Our lives transformed as would for any kid, and when we outgrew our bicycles, so had our boyhood state of mind.

As I matured into my teenage years, Jimmy awakened emotions within me that blossomed into wanting more than just a friendship. Little by little, I realized I’d always had a strong attachment to my best friend, more than I understood one boy should have for another boy. At the beginning of my High School first year, everything changed. New discoveries shifted my thoughts about how I saw Jimmy, and during those awkward stages of finding myself, my best friend had become withdrawn. Those close knit boundaries of our friendship blurred as conflicts overshadowed the chance at the two of us remaining pinky-sworn best friends forever. The young man I understood to hold the other half of me had suddenly drifted away. I couldn’t find Jimmy. He’d left me standing alone, without purpose.

Our longtime, but intervallic friendship could reawaken, however, reliant on our ability to rekindle where we’d left off years earlier.

Bestselling author, Gregory Jonathan Scott, will have you restless for more of this lighthearted gay romance, leaving emotional satisfaction with an unexpected happy ending.

‘What Ever Happened to Jimmy Locke’ is a young boy’s transition into adulthood, disillusioned by how much he truly likes his male best friend. The story is joyful, erotically written, with extreme situations of desire not suitable for readers under the age of eighteen.

Saltwater Landing Ekindle cover136x209mm_dpi300.jpg
Saltwater Landing

ISBN-9798849877358 - Hardcover

ISBN-9798352034224 - Paperback

An Adventurously Charming Gay Romance

Sean Malone straps himself in because his life is going to change.


As a California based designer of interiors taking business to Hawaii with hopes of adding dynamics to my portfolio, I never expect to end up where I had with no foreseeable way out. I battle stirring emotions while spending time with the superciliously good-looking Pilot who unexpectedly put me in compromising positions.


My flight through the clouds is taking a different route—on a radical level. Anxiety chokes me like nothing I ever predicted. Jeez. From one second to the next, my course spirals so far out of my comfort zone, I lose my senses.

Navigating the hair pulling journey, the Pilot I’m snarled with believes the best way to divert evident disorder is through snarky wit. Since I find his charm to be a whole lot of spontaneous recklessness, the tension between us is persistent. The maddening obstacle I face… he’s handsome and a man I find thoroughly appealing. That dangerous combination challenges my uptight scruples and I catch myself bending a few rules to let him in.

Putting a strain on our hostile magnetism, the two of us wrestle with reservations about each other. I for one combat my attraction for him while tolerating his breezy behavior and spitfire arrogance. Those undesirable conflicts draw me closer to the man, snowballing my affection while nudging me to accept his blazing personality.

Impatient to out-survive the wild, we come to grips with having only each other, and that enforces a common ground to cope with our plane-wrecked predicament.

Once the medley of calamities and differing personalities simmer down, our time together proves far from disastrous. We are swept into a whirlwind of unintentional desires that only two men can find when imprisoned on an uninhabited island alone. Will I be able to hide my rising interest for the pilot and give in? Or, will my theatrical character eventually send the man packing before anything physical happens between us?

SALTWATER LANDING is a quirky courtship that develops under pitch-perfect pressure. The story is erotically written with extreme situations of desire not suitable for readers under the age of eighteen. 

   *Previously published as Crashing into Love. This book has been revised and expanded considerably from its original version to enhance both characters and readers experience.

Intense Attraction amazon300.jpg
Intense Attraction

ISBN-979-8445664994 - Hardcover

ISBN-978-1699609620 - Paperback

A connection so strong, it creates life

I was content with my single life, too busy to get caught up in any kind of a relationship, or act on my Alpha born desires typically driven by the scent of a fertile Omega in season. I was a gentleman and would remain as one. Until one bitter winter evening, that had changed. Like a slap to the face, I was struck by the robust absolution of an Omega. One I’d never come across before, triggering an instant reconsideration of my content way of life. It was as if I’d been put under a magic spell, removed from being in control of my own circumstances.


Had I been hit by a strange bug? One that of which had hazed my vision and thoughts and emotions, hopelessly leading me down a pathway of love I hadn’t even been looking for?


At that unexpected moment, I wondered if I'd detected my personal Omega.—about to meet the daddy of my children. Then wondered whether that Omega had already been claimed by another Alpha. Would I need to fight for what seemed to be mine?


By force of nature, I'd quickly found myself increasingly drawn to that Omega I couldn’t see, his intoxicating scent getting stronger by the minute, pushing the heat between us to a place that couldn’t have been ignored. I was hooked and needed to get at my mate.

Somewhere. Somehow.


INSTENSE ATTRACTION is a steamy Alpha/Omega non-shifter Male-Preg romance. Erotically written with extreme situations of desire not recommended for readers under the age of eighteen.

Shakedown eCover300Advert.jpg

ISBN-9798419829459 - Hardcover

ISBN-9780991467495 - Paperback

Expect the Unexpected

The unexpected happens between me and Nykolson, maybe considered twisted beyond comprehension, perhaps unbelievable in a way—coming up against encounters that obstruct our hopes of a timeless and everlasting relationship.


I consider myself a vibrant man who’s been challenged by a sex driven brain that reaches top speed nearly every minute of every day. I wouldn’t peg myself as a total satyromaniac, but my self-defeat goes into action whenever I come across any dark skinned man whose body is built like a rock-hard brownstone.

Without any notice, like a sneaky slap to my pale white face, a striking black man enters my life and is able to flush all other men out of my mind. The moment Nykolson Kannon steps into my office, I’m hooked on him—the one I want to take care of like a daddy would and should.

However… trials get in the way, spinning my desires to be with Nykolson into a game of cat and mouse. While acting on my impulses to be with the handsome black man, many stumbling blocks and vindictive meddlers interfere.

Will conflicts from nearly every angle overshadow the chance at love with the man I know to be the other half of my own heart?

I’m a believer that concrete love renews faith in fate—in the ability for true lovers to find each other no matter what, no matter where.

This erotic gay romance will be a testament of love that’ll grip the human heart and press for good over malevolence.


Bestselling author, Gregory Jonathan Scott will have you on the edge of your seat, repeating, OHMIGAWD what just happened in this heart-felt and ambitiously written erotic romance.

Shakedown is an interracial romance between two men, erotically written with extreme situations of desire not suitable for readers under the age of eighteen.

The Prince of Almond Manor eCover.jpg
The Prince of Almond Manor

ISBN-9798778511446 - Hardcover

ISBN-978091467488 - Paperback

Magic Can Happen When Least Expected

genuine romance—a companionship misunderstood—one of earnest affection that could be torn apart by those around them?


Can a relationship between two men from opposite sides of the social order overcome the odds and survive at a time of an old-style declaration of living?


In mid eighteen hundred, the largest almond plantation south of the Mason Dixon line was home to Deklan Royal, however, deep down, it didn’t feel like a home. He sensed a part of him was missing, an emotional desire he’d been keeping hidden since a very young age—that was, until he’d come across Oakland, a reserved servant of the Royal Manor and the one man who could change everything for him.

With no warning, a single magical event had set the plantation affair into motion, brought on by a mysterious gentleman who summoned a fairytale twist not even Oakland understood.

Enduring parental clashing and blurring promises, Deklan and Oakland find themselves developing a relationship that could result in scorn and even exile. Caught in the center of eminent pressures, Deklan faces discouraging predicaments with his foreboding father, those of which expose a surprising overview of who Oakland is.

With family principles putting up walls between them, the two heart-bound men cling to threads of hope, battling obstacles that matter most—their love for one another and a life of happiness into their very own ever after.

Find out if Deklan risks his wealthy family ties for the chance at love with the man he knows to be the other half of his own soul. If surrounding conflicts outweigh their love and desire, both Deklan and Oakland face revulsion at its strongest.


The Prince of Almond Manor is an interracial historical romance between two men. Erotically written with extreme situations of desire not suitable for readers under the age of eighteen.

*Previously published as The Plantation Affair. This book has been revised and expanded considerably from its original version to alter both characters and plot events to enhance the reader’s enjoyment.

Gregory Jonathan Scott / M/M Gay Fiction Romance Author
Into The Headwinds

ISBN-9780991467471 - Paperback

The Sequel to TAKE TO THE SKY


After fleeing the TC Genetic Manipulation Lab, Kellan never expected to meet a man like Neil, who accepted him as he was, and quickly fell in love with him.

In an effort to live a life as normal as possible, Neil and Kellan put their trust in an informant within the government who insists they vacate the secluded lighthouse in Traverse City, Michigan and head west to a GM Lab in Arizona. On their flight across the country, they surrender to the yearnings of the heart, to the passion that burns like a hungry fire, and their romance spirals in and out of chaos while caught up in the anarchy of being on the run.

Perils they weren’t expecting get in the way, bringing uncertainty to riveting levels with almost every move they make. Kellan knows danger surrounds them—the same threat that once hunted him and still haunts his mind. Could Kellan and Neil’s strengthening bond be their saving grace from the malevolent forces that are trailing them?

Soon after their arrival at AZ GM Laboratory, Kellan submits to a deal between him and the government, one that seems to promise him peace of mind and the life with Neil he longs for. In exchange, he must first adhere to the task laid out for him, even though doubts of trusting those guiding him is reason to suspect there’s more at stake than what he’s being told.

Take a fast flying journey with a magnificent angel and his newfound love, Neil, in this sequel to the best-selling novel, Take To The Sky.

Gregory Jonathan Scott / M/M Gay Fiction Romance Author
Take To The Sky

ISBN-9780991467440 - Paperback

An angelic romance that’s Powerful, Suspenseful, Sexy, Uniquely Erotic, and Romantic.

In a secret Michigan Laboratory, an experiment developed a superior creation that was anticipated but not expected. He was the ultimate conception, a core life-being merged with avian. He was born with a gift, a rare one; the ability to fly.

His wings instinctively brought out the urge in him to fly, and Kellan's need to be free became his obsession.

When the dark, swirling clouds loomed one night, Kellan abandoned the place he had called home, taking to the sky in search of his freedom and to seal his heart that seemed incomplete.

Because Kellan's secret was too great for anyone outside the institute to know about, TC unleashed genetically altered Maniacs to bring him back.

Through independence, his amazing reality brought riveting adventures to a man he found and couldn't seem to live without. They get tangled with hair-raising suspense that adds heart-pounding tension to every attempt they make at living their unique affair. They faced uncertainty so hectic that staying together was the least of their challenges, and it caused many of their bouts with passion to spiral in and out of chaos.

Along their frenzied path to survive, hidden secrets surface about Kellan, prompting each move they make in order to truly set him free.

Could Kellan's one true love and passion to fly be the death of him?

It's a magnificently inventive adventure of menace, romance, and extreme erotic pleasures.

Gregory Jonathan Scott / M/M Gay Fiction Romance Author
Encouraged By Sparks

ISBN-9780991467464 - Paperback

A Spark Can Change Everything


After his home falls under fire, Skye’s way of life turns completely around. He instantly forms a bond with Tanner, the firefighter who brings emotions out of him that have been suppressed too long. Against his better judgment, Tanner invites Skye in, finds his beauty and charm irresistible, leaving himself hopelessly committed to more than giving Skye a temporary place to stay.

As Skye finds himself increasingly drawn to Tanner, the connection he has with him turns into a journey of self-discovery. Through trifling phobias that have overshadowed him, Skye begins to wonder if his reservations of starting a relationship will tear them apart.

Tanner stirs desires in Skye and the heat between them can’t be ignored. Will Skye’s sheltered past weigh heavily on him and put a meaningful future with Tanner at risk? Will the sparks they have live on or go out because of it?

Gregory Jonathan Scott / M/M Gay Fiction Romance Author
Crashing Into Love

ISBN-9780991467457 - Paperback

Sean, a single California Interior designer sets his sights on going home after a short business trip on the island of Kauai. On his way back to the States, Sean’s world literally spirals out of control when the flight he’s on takes a course he hadn’t expected and into the masculine arms of Kale, a drop dead handsome pilot with attitude, spontaneous charm, and a hint of recklessness.

While stuck on a deserted island off the coast of Maui, they discover there are situations worse than the one they’re in. Initially all they have in common are their aversions for each other and their eagerness to survive. When they realize all they have is each other, Sean and Kale set their differences aside, learn to cope with their seemingly tragic situation and find common ground. After a string of mishaps and clashing personalities, their time together proves far from foolproof when they surprisingly get swept into a whirlwind romance.

The early stages of their engagement involve increasingly desperate measures to conceal their growing affection for each other and by the time Kale confesses his desires, Sean is obsessed. With hormones on both sides roiling and reality setting in, their need to explore each other grows.

Can Kale hide his interest in the man he finds ideal until Sean is ready? Or will Sean’s hysterical dramatic disposition send him packing? Crashing into Love is a romantic comedy about a quirky courtship, clashing personalities, love, and a developing relationship that turns profound - but not necessarily in that order!

Kale and Sean are pitch-perfect in this comical romance of unintentional companionship. 

   *2nd Edition version republished as SALTWATER LANDING. The updated version has been considerably expanded from its original version to enhance both characters and readers experience.

Gregory Jonathan Scott / M/M Gay Fiction Romance Author
The Plantation Affair

ISBN-9708991467433 - Paperback

Once upon a time there lived a Plantation Prince, a handsome prince, and within reach was the love of his life.

Many years back when affection between two gentlemen was known to be nonexistent and to remain hidden, Deklan and Logan found a way to bring their affair of the heart to life. One was the son of a wealthy plantation owner, and the other a lonesome servant who worked the property to survive. 

This adventurous and romantic fairytale took place in the south during a time when horse carriages and kerosene lighted lanterns ornamented villages.

An unlikely companionship began to blossom after Deklan and Logan unexpectedly encountered one another in surprising places.

Everything was casual until a magical man who mysteriously appeared and then vanished turned their quiet world of serenity into a dash to keep the love they had found in each other alive.  

Love was discovered, lost and then found again in this spiraling and uplifting fairytale between two charming souls that were meant to be together.   

With family principles influencing a common existence, will Deklan risk his family ties and wealth for a chance at love with the other half to his soul?

Gregory Jonathan Scott / M/M Gay Fiction Romance Author
Currently under revision - Out of Print
Heartbreak Beat

ISBN-9780991467426 - Paperback - Out of Print - Currently under revision

Love at first sight grips two hearts, locks two souls and instantly connects them seamlessly.

Fast love started on the diamond field where Gabriel unexpectedly encountered the man he had only heard about. During a brief musical performance that started his game, he quickly grew more aware of the lead singer with electrifying blue eyes, a striking smile and a body fit for more than just dancing to the thump of a distant drumbeat. Instantly he sensed a link with the man behind the music unlike any he had ever felt before.

By force of nature and during his song, Alec James was stimulated by palpitations of the heart when the center man of the baseball field looked his way and smiled. He fell in love with the pitcher even before their hearts had a chance to trade places. A song and a game executed a rock solid love affair between these two men who met one another by chance.

While building their life of love together, Gabriel and AJ merged with obstacles that cartwheel in and out of their path, and their romance becomes tangled with criminal suspense. While balancing newfound love and their iconic careers, they clashed with distractions that spiraled around them, one speeding up right after the other. In the course of it all, Gabriel and AJ refused to give up on love and unprecedented male bonding.

A finale so unexpected breaks open when another spiraling event takes a shocking turn.

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