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Flight Dreams - An Angelic Experience

Is it just me, or does anyone else have that reoccurring dream that you can’t quite figure out why you’re having it?

Welcome to my dream that speaks loud and clear.

Here goes. I need to be up front with everybody. ‘Deep breath.’ Here it comes. Ready for it? ‘Deeper breath.’

Just so you all know, I have a gift, and that gift is that I can Fly. There, I said it. It’s off my untrimmed chest. I've wanted to get that out for a very long time, let the world know the real me. Set myself free.

Wow, that felt awesome. ‘Exhaling slowly’.

I know, amazing right? I can fly.

I was thrilled the first time my feet left the ground. Exhilarated. Happy as hell. Relieved.

Okay, Okay, you can stop staring, I said I could fly, not do magic. That would be rediculous, down right laughable.

Now that my ability to fly is OUT, please don’t hate me or crucify me when my back is turned. And most of all, please don’t run away. I'm still the same person on the inside I was a few moments before I let you know my secret. That didn't change. I'm still the person you laughed with and hugged in public just because you wanted to. Everything about me is still the same, except for one simple difference you didn’t seem to know a few measly minutes ago. I didn't choose these wings, I was gifted with them, and to me, my ablility to fly is a thing of beauty, sort of magnificent. I'm sorry I kept my secret from the world for so long, but I was afraid if I shared it openly, I would lose my closest friends, my family, or even my life. I've been told to keep my uniqueness to myself, don’t put it on display for anybody to see. I've now learned that is totaly wrong.

Hello there. I'm glad to see you stayed and gave me the same hug that you've always given me in public. That's a relief and really means a lot. More than you know.

Thank you for letting me be who I am, and giving me the freedon to fly.

This note is dedicated to all the young souls that feared coming out as a gay man or lesbian lady and found that the best way out was to take their own life or run away. Please don’t let that happen. Please stop the H8. Today. Hold out a hand and give everybody you know the confidence of flight. It's okay, and freely flying should no longer be a dream.

Yours truly,

Gregory Jonathan Scott

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