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Encouraged By Sparks Blog post by Jessi G Books

Encouraged By Sparks

Book Name: Encouraged By Sparks

Release Date: July 12, 2015

Pages or Words: 159 pages / 35,956 word count

Categories: Gay, Contemporary, Romance

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Excerpt: Encouraged By Sparks

Tanner gave Skye a tour of the firehouse the same way he did with grade school wannabe firefighters. Tanner led Skye from the kitchen, walked him through the great room where the guys mostly hung out, pointed out the sleeping quarters and then finished the tour in the garage where they ended up between the two trucks. Alone.Skye seemed intrigued, even a bit fascinated by everything he saw. The constant smile and wandering eyes showed evidence that he was. The smile could have been because he was with Tanner again.Tanner asked Skye how he got there without a car.Answering Tanner like a smart-ass, Skye gave up the secret that cabs in the city were at everyone’s disposal. Anytime. Day and night. He sniggered and leaned back against the red truck nonchalantly with a surreptitious glance. His eyelids flickered, pulling Tanner in.The space between them was squeezed away when Tanner advanced a step forward and pressed a palmed hand against the truck above Skye’s head, leaning into him, breathing the same air. Tanner shyly looked down at his feet and then back up into Skye’s eyes and said, “I’m glad you came. For me it was a great surprise. And as you could tell, the guys loved the baked goods you brought with you. We don’t get many people thanking us for what we do, so it was nice that you did.”“No big deal, it was the least I could do after what you and the guys did for me yesterday. I also wanted to see you again and I didn’t think I could wait until tomorrow night.” Skye looked back at Tanner, into his eyes and then at his lips. They were slim and sweet looking, and to feel them pressed against his own would be the best way for Tanner to repay his good deed of treating the house.A brush with endearment came between them while alone in the garage. A hug would have been nice, a kiss even better. Just in time and before doing something they might regret later; footsteps echoed in the garage, breaking them apart.It was Emmitt. “Whoa, guys.” He held up his hands when he saw Tanner and Skye between the two trucks. “Sorry. Carry on.” He backed away.Tanner turned. “Wait. It’s not what you’re thinking.” Not yet anyway.Emmitt smirked and hummed to himself, “Mmm-hmm.”Skye took a minute to digest Tanner’s reaction, deliberating if it was exactly what Emmitt was thinking and if that was what Tanner wanted to happen.Tanner turned back toward Skye and grinned. “Aw, shit. I’ve got some ‘splainin to do.”“What do you mean?” Skye asked.“This. Me and you.” Tanner’s finger bounced from his chest to Skye’s.Skye cocked his head, mulling over the idea of lunging at Tanner’s mouth with his own, but he held back.Tanner admitted, “Honestly speaking, Skye. It was what Emmitt thought. I wanted to steal a kiss from you just then. There, I said it.”Surging stomach or not, Skye was crazy happy when he heard Tanner’s confession. He said, “Be that thief. You still can and I wouldn’t mind a single bit if you did.”Tanner took a silent breath, tilted his head to make his move.Skye closed his eyes and waited.Just then, the fire bell rang, ending Tanner and Skye’s first kiss before it began.Both startled by the sudden clang, their eyes sprang open and they backed away.“Shit! I’ve gotta go.” Tanner’s hand stroked Skye’s jaw as he skipped backward out of site.

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