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Encouraged By Sparks Review by Warren at GGR-Review

Encouraged By Sparks

Book Name: Encouraged By Sparks

Release Date: July 12, 2015

Pages or Words: 159 pages / 35,956 word count

Categories: Gay, Contemporary, Romance Fiction

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Interesting! Gregory has changed his style, or is trying something new, in my opinion, and I enjoyed it so much.
Encouraged By Sparks is a short novel of the meeting of two men due to an emergency. It is also a demonstration of what two men who meet go through when love at first sight happens to them. Add to that, the fact that one of them is not completely out of the closet, so adds another dimension to the relationship. Each of the main characters has flaws, and this is really well delved into during the story.
I have always liked Mr. Scott’s writing, and so I found this story to be completely different, but just as enjoyable. It seems to me he is trying a new approach to his romances. This is much more literary then others. It’s not just a quick, easy read, but a novel of depth and exploration into the two characters, their quirks, their inner demons, their strengths, and their hopes and dreams. I couldn’t help liking the main characters, and enjoyed the act of finding themselves and their feelings that develop so quickly for each other endearing.

If I had one complaint about Encouraged By Sparks, it did feel a bit forced in places, almost wordy, but was so short and unimposing during these portions of the story that I found I wasn’t distracted, and could just keep right on going. I have read authors whose whole story felt forced and pretentious, but not here. I have chalked it up to a first attempt at a new style, and his writing in a new form.

I do hope Gregory keeps on with his exploration of new forms, as this story felt totally different, as I said before, and found myself forgetting it was Gregory writing the story. I really feel like this was a great first book, again.

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