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Crashing Into Love review by Beach Bum Books

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A delightful story with some chills and thrills and two sighworthy oppsoites attract guys. January 14, 2015

When Kale and Sean first meet, it's like mixing oil and water. Kale is the laid-back native-born son of Hawaii while Sean is more a corporate type with a schedule to keep, things to do and people to see. What Sean doesn't want or need is a quippy hunk piloting a fleabag plane that needs a push to get it started. It also needs help keeping airborne, but then that's how they got on the deserted island, after all. Being stranded on an old bombing range is dangerous, but not nearly as dangerous as what happens to their hearts once lust takes over. Without giving too much away, suffice it to say, they manage to work out their differences in most satisfying ways. Crashing into Love has everything going for it: a truly hair-raising escape from the plane that will have you chewing your nails and forgetting to breathe, great dialog, terrific characters you can't help rooting for, and turns of phrase that will have you smiling, It's charming and everything a romance ought to be. And hot, did I mention hot? Turn up the A/C because when Kale and Sean stop talking, the action ramps up to steam heat. This is a proper short story with great editing and an ending that will have you... swooning. I can't wait to read it again.

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